A lemonade stand is constructed
in the front yard of a small suburban home
three cents a cup
There is warmth this day
early summer in late fall
Country crooners Cash and Campbell tease and taunt proprietor
to bring the new business down
chasing young entrepreneur five years of age maybe less
from one end of the sunny green bozed hedge lawn
to the other never reached side
Never leaving leafy fenced space
a continuous fifty-yard dash
fake footed running in place
There comes a chill to this day of late fall in early summer

The sun spins school bus virescence from yellow and black trim
through a hole in the street sewer
bus number six-forty-nine may leave now
intercom voice sparks
    Larry Beaver
A boy who one year later punches me in the stomach
as I stand on my head
sign language command to touch my hair
A bee's stinger pierces my palm
eyes start to water
Trapped inside spinning Detroit engined steel falling
colors wrap themselves around young eyes' mind Falling
falling toward Mexico City beneath
And never reaching climax's fall
Reverberating twirls sound silver strings noise amplifier's guitar
sees July fourth from grey carpeted basement with hot water tank
and furnace

Some twenty odd years later youth flares an eternal flame of adventure
Mustang eighties with brown gas-cap stolen replacement
oh how those bucket seats slip and buckle blue car Bobby
Free drinks from heaven to liver poor
Three sit perched stool high at beer-bar bottled table stain
Planters basket and corn nuts' bowl wobble
Shakes from white socked go-go-boy bare tugs hard for the two dollar stare at knee level
eyes turn and giggle at the jiggles from fallen star lost in the line's groove
Pure dope white sex crystals old farts gut fancies
Silly fat girl tight to polyester pink sweater stretch d.C. fag rail-rave
sucking vodka tonics hot with hallucinogenic Jenny can we laugh
in a bathroom pushing methrdrine ice up each other's nose
boys strip down dance sweat floor and grunts off big-screen video pick

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